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“Creating their own art gives children the freedom to think their own thoughts and to express them. This helps them to discover who they really are. Of all the great gifts of education, I think this is perhaps the one most often overlooked.”               Tony Taylor 


Tony Taylor

I graduated from Bristol University (UK) with an Honors Degree in Philosophy and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from Bath Spa University. Now I am a teacher, writer and actor. 

Early in my career, I pioneered a new approach to drugs education with children, which I disseminated nationwide via training courses and my book, Drugs Education – A Practical Guide for Primary School Teachers.

This work helped me to understand the vital role that becoming ones own person plays in helping children to resist peer pressure.

Next, I trained as an Alexander Technique teacher, which led to a move to the USA to teach movement and voice to actors in a conservatory setting, as well as coaching actors for roles in professional plays. My work in the theater taught me how vital ‘knowing one’s own mind’ is in all fields of artistic expression.


I currently teach part-time at a small but thriving school in California, which has given a rich opportunity to explore what’s involved in helping children to create their own art in a classroom setting. My teaching focuses on helping students to discover and express their own ideas across a range of disciplines. I am always seeking for what Rudolf Arnheim called, “the searching mind in action.”

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Joan Primm, founder of True Child Art, and Tony Taylor,

cowriter and collaborator, are authoring a book for parents and teachers titled

True Child Art. More information to follow. 

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